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What is Botox

Botox® is a toxin which is injected at very low doses into a muscle to inhibit contraction of the muscle.


Its important to understand the normal function of a particular muscle in order to appreciate the effect of injecting Botox® into it.  

Botox® for Fine lines

Botox is a toxin injected into 

muscles to prevent them from contracting.

When these muscles relax, wrinkles appear less obvious.  

Frown lines, lines around the eyes (crows feet) or smokers lines around the mouth can all contribute to making an individual appear angry, tired or even older than they really are. 

To eliminate or reduce the appearance of these lines, Botox can be safely used.  

Fillers vs Botox

Although they may be used to treat similar conditions, Botox and Fillers function very differently.

A filler is made of hyaluronic acid and is used to increase the volume of the lips and cheeks as well as to fill deep wrinkles so they appear less obvious.  


Fillers are injected into the skin and attract water, thereby adding volume.  

Fillers and Botox are injected differently and have different side effects

Your practitioner should guide you on whether you require Botox or Fillers. 

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Botox® for Eyebrow lift

What is an Eyebrow lift?

As we know, the eyebrows frame the face and can make one appear tired, sad or even angry.  Some individuals complain of flat or drooping eyebrows. 

Botox can be injected into the muscle around the eye to prevent this drooping


How does Botox® cause an Eyebrow lift

The muscle around the eye is called the Orbicularis occuli.  The upper outer portion of this muscle tends to pull the eyebrow down.  By injecting botox into the upper outer portion of the Orbicularis occuli, we inhibit this effect. Therefore th eyebrow will not be pulled down as much as it usually would.



Botox and Fillers can have a huge impact on the signs of ageing.


These injectables can keep you looking youthful and refreshed.   

What the procedure entails

A numbing cream is applied to the skin under the eyebrow for a few minutes.  The area is then cleaned and the injection points are marked.  The Botox® is then injected into these sites.  

How long does it take


The procedure take about 15 to 20 minutes in total.  

Does is work


My personal experience is that it is very effective.  My patients are happy with the outcome.  Read a review by one of our most recent patients who had the procedure.



This patient wanted a slight eyebrow lift as her eyebrows disappeared when she wore her glasses.

The skin is cleaned and numbed with a cream.  Safe zones for injection are marked.

Injections are painless and quick.  You see results that are subtle and natural within 2 weeks.

Dr M Raboobee

Botox Masseter

Botox® for facial slimming & teeth grinding

Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 15.32.41.png

The masseter muscle is a facial muscle that assists with chewing of food.  It helps to move the jaw.  

This muscle may increase in size with chewing or even due to teeth grinding, which affects some individuals while they sleep.  

Teeth grinding can also contribute to headache and pain in the TMJ - the temporomandibular joint - on opening and closing the mouth. 

Botox® can be injected into these muscles to relax them.  As the muscles cannot contract as much after the treatment, they decrease in size.  This does not affect your ability to chew.  Rather, it will reduce teeth grinding, TMJ pain and headaches.  The face appears slimmer as the muscles are now smaller. 

For info on Botox for Sweating visit our Excess sweating page

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