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Ear Infections

Ear and throat infections are one of the most common complaints throughout the year.  Kiddies are usually affected but adults can suffer with these infections too.


If you experience one or more of the following symptoms you may have an ear infection:

  • Ear pain

  • Discharge from the ear

  • Lymph nodes near the ear, head or neck

  • Dizziness

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Fever

Swimming causes water to enter the ear.  This create a moist environment for bugs to grow.


Bugs (like bacteria) love warm, moist areas of our body!  This is how swimming may cause ear infections.  You should avoid swimming while you have an infection or it may take longer for your ear infection to clear.  

Check you kids ears often and clean them once a week. We do need some wax in the ears to keep them lubricated and hydrated.  

Children often insert objects into their ears and nose from tiny lego pieces to cotton earbuds.  


Most of these objects need to be removed by a doctor or nurse by "syringing" the ear.  The ear is flushed with saline through a syringe.  The object will float in the saline and then will then exit the ear.  

When these aren't removed timeously they can result in pain and ear infection.  


Tonsillitis can occur in children and adults.  


You may have any of the following symptoms:


  • Discomfort on swallowing food and liquids

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Glands / lymph nodes on the neck

  • Fatigue and feeling generally unwell

When your doctor examines your throat, he/she will see redness and enlarged tonsils.


A very large tonsil can even push the uvula (the little punching bag in your throat) to one side.  Sometimes, the tonsils can have ulcers/ holes in them.  


Tonsillitis is usually treated with Penicillin; either in the form of tablets or injection.


You need a prescription for all antibiotics as conditions that require antibiotics must be diagnosed by a doctor.  


Amoxil and Augmentin® are both types of antibiotics that contain penicillin.  

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