Virtual Consultations

Pros of Virtual consultations

  • The cost is R300 per e-consultation, which is lower than our in-office consultation fee.  You will be billed after your e-consultation

  • You can send photographs via the app e.g. rashes, injuries etc

  • You are able to receive a prescription from us via the app as well.  This is useful when your prescription expires.  It is valid for Schedule 1 - 4 medications.  

  • If necessary, a video call consultation is possible

  • Convenient if you are out of town, live outside of Durban or don't have time to visit our office

  • We are available for e-consultations after hours and on weekends as well as public holidays  

What is a virtual consultation

Due to the demand for consultations from patients who either live outside of Durban or cannot find the time to come in to visit us in person, we offer electronic consultations via our app called MEDICI from the convenience of you cell phone.

It is really easy to use and costs less than an in-person consultation. 


Follow these 3 easy steps to have a consultation with us from the convenience of your cell phone.

1. Download the free MEDICI app from the      

    App store on your cell phone

2.  Add your personal information including your

     credit card details.  (You will not be charged

     until the end of your first consultation)

3. Add Dr Raboobee as your doctor using the 

    activation code :


All you need to do to initiate an e-consult is start chatting in the app

Not all medical conditions can be treated virtually. Interaction with a doctor in person may be necessary.

You will be given medical advice via the app, however, should you require a procedure or diagnostic test, you will be asked to come in to our office for an in-office consultation / treatment or to visit your local doctor.  As we have provided medical advice, you will, understandably, still be charged for this consultation.  If a treatment is recommended, we will not charge you again for a consult in our office, but only charge for the treatment.

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Please note that consultations are not provided via email, instagram or whatsapp.

Virtual / Online Consultations are offered via Zoom and Skype


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