Collagen Hydrosylate Powder

What is Collagen

First some blood will be collected from you. We obtain the PRP from your own blood.  Only blood drawn from an individual can be used on that individual. 

A machine called a centrifuge is used to spin the blood tubes in order to separate the different components of the blood.

Benefits of Collagen Powder



  • Improves Skin Quality

  • Increases Skin hydration 

  • Increases elasticity

  • Increased dermal collagen density

  • Speeds up wound healing





When will I notice a difference

A notable difference in skin hydration and elasticity can be noticed after 4 to 12 weeks of daily use at the recommended dose.  


Read a Journal Article on

Safety and Efficacy of

Collagen powder supplementation

Dr M Raboobee

Directions for Use

Add 20 to 40g to your diet daily.  This is 4 to 8 teaspoon measures. 

Biocultura Collagen Powder is Halaal certified

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