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Excess Sweating

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This can affect the face, palms, soles and armpits.

The cause may be due to an underlying medical problem or may occur without an underlying condition. 

Several treatment options are available.


These include:

  • Antiperspirant preparations which dry out the skin

  • Iontophoresis

  • Botox injections

  • Surgery 

Botox® for excessive sweating

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Botox can be injected to reduce excessive sweating from the armpit, palms or soles.


Botox blocks chemical signals from nerves that stimulate sweat glands to produce sweat. Therefore, no sweat is produced.


This treatment does not cause other areas to start sweating more. 

We use emla to numb the skin prior to this procedure, as well as a vibration device to assist with pain reduction during the treatment.  Emla is left on for 30 minutes.  The injections take a further 15 minutes.    

Botox in these areas is effective. Results vary from person to person.  This is not a permanent solution to the problem of increased sweating.  Repeat treatments are required 6 monthly.

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This is a process where a low electrical current is passed through the skin using a machine and tap water.

2 machines are available

  • Drionic (dry-onic)

  • Iontoderma (eye-onto-derma)


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Drionic is a battery operated device with attachments available for use in the armpit.  This can be used for the hands and feet.


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The Iontoderma is plugged into a wall socket and can be used for excessive sweating of the palms and soles.  

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