Hairmax Conditioner

Hairmax Conditioner


Hairmax Exhilar8 Conditioner is part of a 3 step system. It works synergisticlly with Hairmax Shampoo and Hair Follicle booster, transforming thinning hair into thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair.


  • Moisturises hair and scalp
  • Adds body and volume while nourishing and fortifying hair cuticles. Acceler8 Hair Booster contains triple action DHT blockers to help combat thinning hair.


The 3 step system combines 3 approaches to combat hair thinning and reinvigorate scalp and hair. First, we address the density of your hair and supports scalp health. Second, we incorporate liposome technology to help your scalp better absorb active ingredients. Third, we include ATP energy to encourage a healthy hair cycle.



Cruelty free and Gluten free

Safe for use in  pregnancy


Hairmax Laser hair growth devices for office home use for men and women are also availble from our Office. Enquire here.


    Our proprietary NRG8-pLEX formulations include Caffeine, Apple Stem Cells, Biotin, Reishi Mushroom, and Niacinamide to provide the building blocks to support healthy hair and scalp with increased energy, stimulation, and essential nourishment.