What is Ceccarelli

This is a mixture of iron, vitamin C and lignocaine.  It is injected into fat cells and allows those fat cells to die.  

Ceccarelli Fat dissolving injections

How does Cecarelli cause

fat to disappear

The combination of vitamin C and iron stimulates complex metabolic reactions in fat cells.  Calcium ions rush into fat cells causing the ultimate destruction of the fat cell through a number of reactions.  Effects are on fat cells only and no other cells are damaged. 


Where can it be injected

​Ceccarelli can be injected into any area of the face or body including:

  • Double chin

  • Under eye fat pads

  • Jowls

  • Jaw line

  • Neck

  • Arms

  • "Love handles"

  • Stomach

  • Knee fat

Not used in pregnancy.


Numbing cream is optional as there is a numbing agent in the solution that is injected.

Injection points are marked as several injections will be given in each area into the fat cells beneath the skin.

A maximum of 200mL can be injected in one session.

1- 3 sessions may be required for desired effect 2 - 4 weeks apart. 

Results can be noticed after 1 week, this varies from patient to patient.

This procedure takes approx. 1 hour


From R1500 per area per session

Depends on size of area and number of injections required.

A formal quote can only be provided during your consultation as the area to be injected will need to be assessed and number of injections calculated. 

  • Double chin  - R1500

  • Under eye fat pads  -  R1000

  • Abdomen From   -  From R2000 

Side effects
  • Mild discomfort at injection site

  • Burning sensation in the area for approximately 45 minutes after injections

  • Swelling in the area for upto 2 days

  • Bruising is possible depending on your bleeding tendancy

The solution is safe for other cells, blood vessels and nerves and only destroys fat cells.  

Fagron South Africa

Fagron South Africa