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Xela Redermalization

Are injections painful?

A numbing cream is applied to the skin for 30 minutes before the procedure.  This provides adequate relief from any possible pain. 

The EYE area

The skin below the eye is the thinnest skin of the body.  


This delicate area suffers during the aging process as collagen and elastin levels decrease in the skin.  

Xela Electri and Xela Rederm are used to rejuvenate the quality of the skin in this area by increasing collagen and elastin production in the area and reducing pigmentation, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Xela Electri is used to treat under eye pigmentation!

Dr M Raboobee

Immediately after Hyalual injections

Hyalual is a Brand of injectables that has recently become popular for its skin rejuvenating capacity. 

Products include Xela Rederm and Electri.


Electric is used for under eye pigmentation and Xela Rederm is used for signs of ageing including wrinkles, pigmentation and skin tightening.  


Xela Rederm comes in 3 strengths: 1.1%, 1.8% and 2.2%.   


  • Under eye pigmentation

  • Other pigmentation

  • Scars including caesarian scars

  • Stretch marks

  • Wrinkles / fine lines

  • Tightens ageing skin of the face & neck

Side effects

You can expect redness to follow injections.

This is normal and resolves within a few days.


Bruising and mild swelling are possible near the site on injections.


A sterile technique is used, which reduces the risk of introducing infection into the skin.

Dr M Raboobee


The procedure

Your skin will have to be assessed during your consultation.  A specific strength of Xela rederm will have to be selected to suite your skincare needs. 


The skin is numbed with a cream for 30 minutes. 


The product is injected superficially into the skin in a specific pattern.  


You will see a change after 10 days.  3 sessions are usually required a month apart.


Cost depends on the product needed for your skin.  



After care

Following the procedure, we recommend not using foundation or make up on the area injected for 2 days.  


We can advise you on which skin care products will be best for your skin.    

We apply a post procedure spray which is rich in hyaluronic acid that helps redness to settle and gives a healthy glow to the skin.  

Dr M Raboobee

After 1st treatment with Hyalual Electri

The NECK area

A common complaint is sagging skin around the neck and décolletage due to depleting collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin with raging.  


Xela redermalization can be used to tighten the skin in this area. 

It is injected in droplet form just below the skin surface.  Small blebs are seen for a few days as well as redness.  This quickly settles.  

3 sessions are required a month apart.  

A quote can be provided to you during your initial consultation.  A concentration of Xela redeem will have to be selected according to your age and texture of skin.  

Dr M Raboobee


Xela Rederm can be injected into stretch marks and scars such as post surgical scars on the abdomen, arms, legs - virtually any part of the body!

The effect of the injectable is compounded after 3 treatments. 

Dr M Raboobee

Immediately after Xela Rederm 2.2% injections for stretch marks on the arm

12 days after 1 session of Xela Rederm Injections


The appearance of stretch marks have reduced significantly 

Dr M Raboobee

Hyalual Products

Hyalual WOW mask

The Hyalual WOW mask is infused with hyaluronic acid and collagen. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.  It also offers deep hydration for a rejuvenating glow.

They are sold individually or in a pack of 5.  Wonderful for once a week use or before a special occasion! 

Hyalual Sunblock

Hyalual has perfected the texture of sunscreen with their Face cream range.  It is smooth as silk, leaves your skin healthy and refreshed with no white streaks.  

Hyalual Daily Delux

Comprised of Hyaluronic acid and succinic acid, this spray provides deep cleansing to the skin, promotes rapid skin renovation, enriches cells with oxygen and removes toxins.  The spray forms a membrane on the skin and allows prolonged action of succinct acid.  It also preserves the natural moisture of the skin, giving a healthy glow. 

Hyaulual WOW eyes mask

These re-usable gel masks are designed specifically for the delicate skin of the eye area.  They contain hyaluronic acid and stimulate collagen production in the skin.  Use them for wrinkles around the eye. dark circles, puffiness as well to improve firmness and texture of the peri-orbital skin. 

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